Course curriculum

    1. Course intro

    2. Expectations and self reflection

    3. Ranking your perceived knowledge

    4. Why did Eric create this course?

    1. Lesson 1a: Intro to evidence-based practice

    2. Lesson 1b: Healthcare ethics and anatomy review

    3. Lesson 2a: Intro to Pain Science

    4. Lesson 2b: Pain science clinical keys

    5. Lesson 2c: Sensory mechanisms in the pain experience

    6. Lesson 2d: Mechanisms of manual therapy

    7. Lesson 3a: Neck and Shoulder Red Flags

    8. Lesson 3b: Neck clinical classifications and myths

    9. Lesson 3c: Neck classifications in detail

    10. Lesson 4: Shoulder classifications

    1. Lesson 1a: Patient reported outcome measures

    2. Lesson 1b: Intro to neck and shoulder assessments

    3. Lesson 2: Is the neck contributing to shoulder and upper extremity pain?

    4. Lesson 2b: Neck assessment

    5. Lesson 2c: Shoulder assessment

    6. Lesson 3a: Movement modifiers shoulder

    7. Lesson 3b: Movement modifiers shoulder continued

    8. Lesson 3c: Symptom modifications for the shoulder

    9. Lesson 4: Movement Modifiers Neck

    1. Lesson 1a: Shoulder side-lying techniques

    2. Lesson 1b: Neck and shoulder side-lying techniques

    3. Lesson 2a: Shoulder supine and prone techniques

    4. Lesson 2b: Supine shoulder

    5. Lesson 2c: Prone shoulder and neck

    6. Lesson 3: Neck supine

    1. Lesson 1:Clinical conversations and person-centred care

    2. Lesson 2a: Shoulder rehab demonstrations part 1

    3. Lesson 2b: Shoulder rehab demos part 2

    4. Lesson 3: Neck rehab demonstrations

    5. Epilogue

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